Money is the most common commodity there is…So how often do you wonder if the money you are holding or receiving is authentic???

It is estimated that counterfeits of U.S. dollars are worth hundreds of million of dollars.


It is claimed that 1 out of every 10,000 bills is counterfeit, while a more realistic estimate is that the actual volume is many times more!  Discovering that you received counterfeit bills is both frustrating and expensive.


B$URE is the only portable product available that gives you the accuracy of the professional desktop bill detectors.

B$URE - Your protection against counterfeit money!

B$URE - Your protection against counterfeit money!

B$URE - Your protection against counterfeit money!

B$URE is produced by Bsecure, a full-service brand and document protection consulting and integration organization. We offer the latest front-line technologies designed especially to protect our clients from counterfeiters and gray marketers.

Our company is managed and operated by an experienced and highly motivated team with vast expertise in the field of security.

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Operational Indicators

Counterfeit dollar detector

On positive identification (authentic bill) the red LED will turn green, accompanied by an audio sound.

In the absence of a positive identification, the red LED light will remain on.  

The bill is probably counterfeit, but could be very worn or dirty, or the correct spot was not checked. 

100% positive authentication when checked with large quantity of banknotes* (True-Positive 100%)
    *Provided by an international bank.

No positive identification of counterfeit banknotes* (False-Positive 0%)
    *Provided by a national police criminal investigation unit.

Verification Accuracy:

B$URE Verifies:

USA$        $10(2004 to present), $20, $50, $100 (1996 to present)
Brazil R$  R$10, R$20, R$50, R$100 (2010 to present)

B$URE compared to existing solutions

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B$URE offers a solution for U.S. dollars that is convenient and highly accurate.

B$URE is a pocket-sized battery-operated device that is inexpensive and easy to use.

B$URE gives an objective yes/no response with both visual and audible signs of authenticity.

B$URE is a registered trademark ® and Israeli patent pending (PCT process started).


 VerifiesUSA$ $10 (2004 to present), $20, $50, $100 (1996 to present)
Brazil R$10, R$20, R$50, R$
 DimensionsHeight 90mm, Length 40mm, Width 26mm
 IndicatorsRed LED: Unit operational
Green LED & Beeper: Positive detection
 WeightAbout 60 grams (With batteries)
About 90 grams (With packaging)
 EnvironmentTemperature: +40° to +110°F
                            +5° to +45°C
Humidity: 10 to 90% (Non-condensing)
 Power 2 X AAA 1.5V Alkaline battery
 Battery LifetimeHundreds of operations 
 Red LED flashes &  BeeperLow Voltage: Replace battery
 Green LED flashes &  BeeperLow Temperature: Allow to warm up gradually.
High Temperature: Allow to cool off gradually.
 Emitted LightLow power LED'S. No eye hazard, even if held directly to eye (not recommended).
 Mechanical Robustness1-meter drop test.



 Electromagnetic Emissions Compliance with CFR 47 FCC-CLASS B
 Electromagnetic Immunity Compliance with EN 55022-CLASS B, EN 55024




Portable dollar authenticator
Counterfeit dollar detector/authenticator

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A solution for counterfeit U.S. dollars
Counterfeit dollar detector/authenticator
Counterfeit dollar detector/authenticator

B$URE - Your protection against counterfeit money!

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B$URE - Your protection against counterfeit money!

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